Easy Rails Active Record Associations Video Series

Eight part series totaling more than 75 minutes!

Watch a Sample Video Introducing the belongs_to Association

Rails’ ability to manage and traverse complex database relations was undoubtedly the feature that drew me to the framework several years ago. Known as Active Record Associations, it’s incredibly easy to define how your models relate to one another. Once defined, you can manage and navigate those relations using familiar object-oriented syntax rather than be bothered with bouncing back and forth between Ruby code and SQL statements.

In this eight part series totaling more than 75 minutes you’ll learn all about Active Record Associations. I’ll introduce you to each of the natively supported association types, including belongs_to, has_one, has_many, has_and_belongs_to_many, and has_many through, guiding you through real-world examples of each. You’ll follow along in both the code editor and Rails console as I define and subsequently interact with each association type. You’ll also learn how to validate associations, and manage association dependencies. The eight video installments include:

  • Introducing Active Record Associations
  • Introducing the belongs_to Association
  • Introducing the has_one Association
  • Introducing the has_many Association
  • Introducing the has_and_belongs_to_many (HABTM) Association
  • Introducing the has_many through Association
  • Introducing Association Validations
  • Managing Association Dependencies

This series is available for free to readers who purchase certain Easy Active Record for Rails Developers book packages. See the purchase page for more details.

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