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As a longtime Rails developer, I love Heroku. It’s cost-effective, offers an incredibly simple deployment process, is extremely stable and easily scalable, and is built atop much of the very same software that I use every day. Most importantly, it allows me to focus on building great applications rather than the seemingly endless administrative minutiae often required when using other hosting providers. Yet once you’ve taken the absurdly simple step of deploying your application to a Heroku server, in my experience figuring out how to most effectively carry out various administrative tasks can be a bit frustrating.

The frustration doesn’t stem from a lack of documentation; Heroku offers a comprehensive set of guides through the Heroku Dev Center. However I’ve always thought fellow developers would appreciate a learning resource that introduces key topics in a sequence coinciding with the discovery process typically followed by a new Heroku user. Being the type of person who likes to write such resources, I figured it was a fine time to put such a guide together.

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